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Maui Travel – Things to do in 4-5 days

D.T. Fleming Beach (Priyanka Upadhyay)

Do you have just a few days to explore Maui? Fear not! Read on for some great ideas and recommendations for a fabulous trip to Maui even if you have only 4-5 days to explore. Most of my friends were amazed at how much I saw in just 4 days, so with some good planning, you will have a great time!

I would recommend you spend 6-7 days in Maui to really feel like you covered most of it, and also to have more time for relaxation in between, but sometimes you just don’t have all the time off! Here are some ideas on where to stay and things to do in the 4-5 days:


WHERE TO STAY: You can go to Expedia or Airbnb or any other travel site to look for a good place to stay in Maui. I was traveling solo, so I stayed in a private room at the Aloha Surf Hostel and definitely would recommend it overall. The key is deciding what part of Maui do you want to stay in? Here are some ideas to help you decide where to stay:

Haleakala Crater Sunrise, Maui
Kaanapali Beach, Maui
The Garden of Eden on the road to Hana, Maui
Makena Beach or Big Beach, Maui

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